Real Housewife of Melbourne Steals the Show
Salon Melbourne kicks off with a crowd-stopping turn by Gina Liano
Revolution Down Under - Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
A stunning technology breakthrough will help tends of thousands of women suffering in silence with vaginal atrophy and dryness,...
Find Business Harmony With Yoga
Thinking of introducing yoga at your spa, retreat or hotel? Ashleigh Sharman discusses how to get started.
Banish Negative Energy To Beat Burnout
Ashleigh Sharman looks at the highs and lows of client energy exchange.
Are We On The Cusp of
The man who would have us live to 125, still looking and feeling in our prime. By Jenni Gilbert.
Out Damned Spots!
Peeling away pigmentation and acne. By Jenni Gilbert.
Out Now!
Read it. Get ahead. Stay ahead.
Spa Faux Pas - Avoiding Embarrassing Incidents
It’s time to consider codes of conduct for spa staff and clients alike, writes Ashleigh Sharman.



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